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7 Nights Sorrento Hotel with a View w/ Upgrade

A Land of History and Lemon Groves More Yellow than Monet’s Oils

Can you imagine anything more spectacular than discovering the history of Italy in the beautiful, balmy town of Sorrento? We didn’t think so! Banish the winter blues on our 7 nights sun-soaked holiday at the 4 star Mar Hotel Alimuri Spa with free upgrade to sea view! Book your stay now with us!
Teetering on the edge of craggy cliffs overlooking the enchanting Bay of Naples, Sorrento scores a perfect ten when it comes to natural beauty. The dazzling sun lights up the Sorrentine skies and shines a hazy spotlight over the pink and blue buildings, which are huddled together within a rocky embrace. A grove of lemon trees tumble down to a glorious beach, washed by turquoise waters.
This Italian treasure trove has lured thousands of ships to its evocative bounties. The Turks, Greeks and Romans have all been struck by Sorrento’s cupid arrow. Vivid imaginations conjure up the nimble Greek boats riding the rolling waves and Ulysses listening to the haunting song of the devious mermaids.
Sorrento is also the quaint gateway to the archaeological wonders of Pompeii. A ghostly scene of everyday life frozen in time:  empty villas, paved streets and the white casts of inhabitants that lay below Mount Vesuvius as nature’s eternal tomb.

Holiday Highlights

  • Enjoy a prime location on the beautiful bay of the Sorrento Peninsula
  • The hotel boats an enviable location on its own private sandy beach
  • Overlook sheer turquoise waters from the comfort of your room
  • Find the blockbuster gem of Pompeii at the Bay of Naples
  • Peer into the crater of Vesuvius for an unforgettable hike
  • Another jewel in the crown is Sorrento’s Piazza Tasso
  • With just one glance, bewitching Capri will cast a spell on you!
  • A chairlift can take you 600 meters above sea level!
  • Venture out to the villages of Conca dei  Marini and Furore
  • Make your way down 200 steps to Marina Piccola, well worth the trek!
  • Indulge in a touch of nirvana with a swim in Marina del Cantone
  • Get taste buds exploding with a sip of tasty lemon liquor, “Limoni”
  • Embark on a foodie-fest of the town’s most delicious delicacies


What's Included

  • We take care of travel with return flights from the UK
  • 7 nights accommodation at the 4 star Mar Hotel Alimuri Spa
  • Expect beautiful sea views with our free room upgrade
  • Enjoy delicious cuisine on half board basis 
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